President Message

At Al Khoori Group, we pride ourselves on being a progressive and forward thinking organization that can look beyond the local borders of the UAE to develop and sustain successful business initiatives in other markets.

One of our key missions is to become the market benchmark for product and services quality standards in the United Arab Emirates.

By providing the best business-to-business services, we believe that we are building an organization that will create more value where it is not only contributing to the growth of the UAE, but also to development of the industries we are involved in. Al Khoori Group observes the utmost levels of ethical business practices in addition to staying ahead of modern technological trends. A striking characteristic of many of the organisations working under Al Khoori Group is the employing of State of the Art technology in the development of our products, including the utilisation of nanotechnology at our installations across Europe.

One of our objectives is to create reliable and innovative ventures to serve the infrastructure industries of the United Arab Emirates, thus we believe that it is particularly essential that as an organization we should be willing and able to stay abreast and be a part of the innovation.

Mohammed Saifallah Al Khoori
Group President