Board of Directors

Mohammed Saifallah Al Khoori
imageAn entrepreneur and an engineer by experience, Mohammed Al Khouri is the President of Al Khouri Group. With over 40 years of hands-on and proactive experience as a creative and strategic planner in managing, leading and business building, today Mohammed Al Khouri is the cornerstone and founder for all the companies in the group with the exception of Suncoat GmbH.

With a highly successful and lucrative career that started at the age of 16 years old, where his business activities began in the trading of goods and foodstuff, Mohammed Al Khouri’s ambition and industry knowledge and acumen quickly saw him move into the trading of household items, and then into manufacturing by the middle of the 1990s.

A former member of the Industrialist Union Society Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Al Khoori’s strong analytical and leadership skills, coupled with his practical approach to problem solving has led him to become one of the most influential and dominant figures in the specialised areas of business startup and management, engineering and industrial management within the Arabian Gulf.

A leader and mentor with an engineering background, Mohammed Al Khouri is a graduate of Bellevue College, Seattle, USA, where he studied Business Administration.


Yousef Saifallah Al Khoori
Board Member
imageA reputable name in the UAE’S commercial, travel, banking, financial and energy sectors, Yousef Al Khouri is an influential figure within the Khouri Group. A businessman with over 30 years experience, Yousef Al Khouri worked in the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs (The Presidential Court) till 1995, where he held a senior position as the Director of Finance.

Prior to this, during the 1980s Yousef Al Khouri established several companies and organisations, where he took an active role in their administration and supervision. His sphere of business influence spanned from oil and gas fields where his activities involved equipment, materials and supplies, maintenance and services to the hospitality industry, where he ran companies that provided catering for hotels, hospitals and airports, as well as real estate management, and equity investments and conservative financial management.
Yousef Al Khouri is a graduate of the Emirates University in Al Ain, where he gained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Accounting. .

Aref Ismail Al Khoori
Board Member
imageA prominent figure in the UAE’s banking, property, financial and engineering industries, Aref Ismail Al Khoori is currently serving as The Chairman for Sama Emirates Properties, The Chairman for Sama Financial Consultancy and the chairman for Canal Engineering Services.Aref Ismail Al Khoori has been an influencing figure in the UAE’s business community for over 24 years where he has served as a member of the board of directors in some of the country’s leading Islamic banks & financial institutions, Islamic insurance companies and real estate entities.

Within the financing industry, Aref Ismail Al Khoori has been a pioneering figure. After joining NBAD in 2007 he successfully established both ADNIF and the Islamic Banking Division of NBAD. Following this he planned and led the establishment of the National Takaful Company with ADNIF, serving as lead founder. Since then his titles have included The Director of Abu Dhabi Islamic Financial Service Company, The Director of Khalifa Support Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise (Bedaya) and the Chairman of National Takaful Insurance PJSC (Watania). He has also held the position of the Director of the National Health Insurance Co. (Damam), The Director of Manazel Real Estate Company and the CEO of Abu Dhabi Chess Club, amongst other prominent titles.

Aref Ismail Al Khoori has an M.B.A, with specialization in Finance and Accounting, qualified from the Regis University, Colorado, USA.

Hafidh Aman Thani
Board Member
imageHafidh Aman Thani stands as one of the UAE’s most prominent personalities in the field of jurisprudence. A managing partner of Principle Consultants, a management and business consultancy, Hafidh is one of Dubai’s most senior and leading legal practitioners in the field of corporate and business law, with a focus on media, telecommunication and legislation drafting.Hafidh has played a key role in the development of the Dubai International Financial Center’s (DIFC) legal framework. He has held several high-level positions within the organization, including Senior Legal Counsel and the Head of Commercial and Disputes at the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority and at Dubai International Financial Centre Investments. In addition to designing the regulatory and transaction requirements of DIFC’s real estate, he has also been central to developing the general laws governing property and real estate. Hafidh has also played the key role in developing the white paper for the draft law designed to safeguard and regulate the UAE’s cultural and heritage sites.

As an ex-member of the UAE High Committee for anti money laundry and advisor for various other important legal authorities, Hafidh continues to play a notable role in advising key business entities in the shaping of their strategic and legal platforms. In addition to lecturing at the American University in Dubai on ethical and legal responsibilities in the mass media, he has also developed the legal frameworks for a number of prominent family businesses and semi government entities in the UAE. Hafidh has also been a core component in the streaming teams for the development of several laws and regulations within the Emirate of Dubai.

Hafidh has also acted as the Head of the Legal Department for Dubai Media Incorporated and is a legal adviser for Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. Additionally he sits on the board of directors for the Capital Broadcast Center in Egypt, and on the board of several investment companies in Kuwait.

Hafidh has a Masters Degree in Commercial Law from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Osama Amir Fadhel
Board Member
imageAs a founder and partner of OB Advanced Solutions, Osama Amir Fadhel is an expert in the region’s Energy (Oil & Gas), Defense, and Aerospace sectors. As an engineer with a specialization in manufacturing, quality management, industrial management, business development, strategic planning and operations management Osama Amir Fadhel has built a reputable name amongst his industry peers.Currently assisting to forge the direction of Tawazun Precision Industries, one of the UAE’s leading suppliers for machine components and metallic aerostructures for the aeronautics, oil and gas, and defense industries, Osama Amir Fadhel is its Business Unit Director. Prior to taking this position he held several other senior positions within the organization.

As a leading engineer Osama Amir Fadhel’s professional background also includes working with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) as well as with Emirates Steel, Aldar Properties and the Australian company Mackay Trailers.

Abdul Aziz Mohammed  Al Khoori
Board Member
imageAbdul Aziz Al Khoori is one of the UAE’s top up-and-coming strategy consultants. He is the Manager of Strategy, Business Planning and Risk Management at Aldar Properties and is a Partner at Principle Consultants where he holds the role of Strategy Director and is the Head for the e-Solutions business line.As the Strategy Director at Principle Consultants, Abdul Aziz established the long term goals of this management consultancy boutique to ensure that it operates within its aligned core business model, established a conglomerate of businesses around it by partnering the organization with leading providers of niche industrial sectors, and is managing its branding and market positioning of Principle Consultants. He is also the head of the newly established e-Solutions division.

In addition to being the Manager of Strategy, Business Planning and Risk Management, Abdul Aziz’s experience with Aldar Properties has also included developing its technology standards. Here he also managed the entire scope of the organization’s “Home & Community Lifestyle Automation Project”, an Integrated Technology strategic partnership initiative that has been planned to run ALDAR’s developments as Smart Communities.

At the Al Khoori Group, Abdul Aziz is also managing the restructuring of its entire group of companies. The Group consists of organizations across diverse fields including Manufacturing, Oil Field Services, Distribution, and Media. Here he is responsible for group consolidation & investment structure, setting up shareholder agreements and management contracts, overlooking business development and acquisition plans and business growth strategies, defining the core business model, conducting management performance assessment, and managing the branding and market positioning of the Group.

Othman Mohammed Al Khoori
Board Member
imageA certified HR professional and expert in the field of work force management and administration, Othman Al Khoori currently sits on the board of the Al Khoori Group. A key contributor to the organization, Othman participates in high-level operational initiatives related to Human Resources.A graduate of the New York Institute Of Technology, Othman Al Khoori is a specialist in ‘Emiritization’ policies and procedures, and employee career development. Othman is a skilled manager and has a broad range of qualifications including a bachelor of science in business administration and finance.