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Energist Holding

As a prominent organization in the field of industrial services, Al Khoori Group’s operations traverse from Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to Switzerland and Germany. Employing over (insert figure) our global operations incorporate the research and development of the latest in cutting edge technology to assist in our industrial operations. The products produced by companies operating under Al Khoori group include steel production, rock cement manufacturing, technical film, and signage & graphics products.

A leader in the fields of Manufacturing, Technology and Services, The Al Khoori Group is one of the United Arab Emirates most pioneering business groups with more than 40 years of solid experience. The umbrella organisation for a broad selection of global businesses across multiple industries and boasting a portfolio that includes several internationally acclaimed brands, the companies operating under the Al Khoori Group banner are the leaders in steel manufacturing, rock cement production, technical film manufacturing, signage & graphics fabrication and beyond.

At Al Khoori Group, we pride ourselves on being a progressive and forward thinking organization that can look beyond the local borders of the UAE to develop and sustain successful business initiatives in other markets.   CEO Al khoori