Hafidh Aman Thani

Board Member

Hafidh AmanThani stands as one of the UAE’s most prominent personalities in the field of jurisprudence. A managing partner of Principle Consultants, a management and business consultancy, Hafidh is one of Dubai’s most senior and leading legal practitioners in the field of corporate and business law, with a focus on media, telecommunication and legislation drafting.

Hafidh has played a key role in the development of the Dubai International Financial Center’s (DIFC) legal framework. He has held several high-level positions within the organization, including Senior Legal Counsel and the Head of Commercial and Disputes at the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority and at Dubai International Financial Centre Investments. In addition to designing the regulatory and transaction requirements of DIFC’s real estate, he has also been central to developing the general laws governing property and real estate. Hafidh has also played the key role in developing the white paper for the draft law designed to safeguard and regulate the UAE’s cultural and heritage sites.

As an ex-member of the UAE High Committee for anti money laundry and advisor for various other important legal authorities, Hafidh continues to play a notable role in advising key business entities in the shaping of their strategic and legal platforms. In addition to lecturing at the American University in Dubai on ethical and legal responsibilities in the mass media, he has also developed the legal frameworks for a number of prominent family businesses and semi government entities in the UAE. Hafidh has also been a core component in the streaming teams for the development of several laws and regulations within the Emirate of Dubai.

Hafidh has also acted as the Head of the Legal Department for Dubai Media Incorporated and is a legal adviser for Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. Additionally he sits on the board of directors for the Capital Broadcast Center in Egypt, and on the board of several investment companies in Kuwait.

Hafidh has a Masters Degree in Commercial Law from the University of Melbourne in Australia.